The Hypothalamus Gland – Did you know it is your body’s main control centre and it is located below the thalamus, just above the brain stem.

Your control panel. 

The Hypothalamus in the brain is shown in the highlighted area. The Hypothalamus and weight management It appears that almost everything the Hypothalamus does is related in some way to  weight management and controlled weight loss. Most simply, when the Hypothalamus is “broken,” food becomes increasingly more important, but increasingly more unfulfilling. We end up never feeling satisfied with the foods which we have eaten, gradually eating more and more to try to compensate for whatever is lacking! From a metabolism stand point, the Hypothalamus not only governs the motivation to eat, stimulating hunger and appetite, but most importantly how eating is to be experienced and reflected upon, whether it is satisfying or not, and how deep the satisfaction occurs. This gives us an idea as to just how important healthy Hypothalamic function really is! How it works? The Hypothalamus Gland inside our brain decides which fat is going to be used for energy and which fat gets stored.  Our pure, natural homeopathic solution is a hormone that triggers the Hypothalamus to make the abnormal fat available. The body then begins living off the fat which provides a source of energy just as food does.  You reduce your food intake, however, hunger is not noticed because 3,500 additional calories are consumed each day by the body – that’s 4000 calories and that’s why most people who do this never feel hungry. The key to getting the Hypothalamus to use the bad fat is by doing these things:

Following Graeme’s exclusive weightloss program with our full 24/7 support and you will lose up to a kilo a day.

Unbelievable but will the weight stay off?

There are alot of programs where people lose alot of weight.  I don’t know if you have ever noticed but it is rare they show their bodies in the end. One reason is that their empty fat cells are still there making them look saggy. The amazing thing by doing the Graeme Jordan Weightloss Solution Program is that your now empty fat cells get broken down and flushed out of your body – A New You! The Graeme Jordan Weightloss Solution is Cleansing and rids your body of all the processed junk. The program is also a retraining process and automatically causes you to get back to working out what foods are right for you and what is great is you will have a super-efficient Hypothalamus Gland for life!

Hi I am Neil Morrison and this is my story…

  Neil’s Weightloss Story- Lost 15.7 Kgs in 38 Days! “Hi everyone thanks for taking the time to read my testimonial. I decided to do Graeme’s natural weight loss program. I was pretty sceptical at first, but after the first week and nearly four kgs loss I discovered this was the program for me. I started on 98.3kgs and after 6 weeks of the program I am now sitting on 82.6kgs and feeling fantastic. 2 years ago I was sitting with my doctor talking about hip replacement as I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left hip joint from years of playing professional softball. I can now report that I’m running around like a spring chicken and enjoying my children as opposed to fobbing them off when wanting me to play with them. Since I’ve been off the program I’m more aware of my body and how it operates, so if I’ve eaten too much crap, I just get back on the water and within a couple of days I’m back to my 82.6kgs. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Graeme and Dee for introducing me to the natural weightloss Program, it’s given me my life back and reset my Hypothalamus Gland forever and now I can help you do the same.” Neil Morrison Sparklewhite Teeth North Auckland www.sparklewhite.co.nz Phone:             0800 444 233 EMail; info@hypothalamus.co.nz   To Order directly from  Neil by  Phoning 0800 444 233 Anytime or if you have any questions

Simple And Safe To Use – All Natural Weight Loss

The Graeme Jordan Natural Weight Loss Solution is the key to unlocking body fat safely. Do you want to…

  • Lose up to a kilo per day – NOT MUSCLE?
  • Get rid of stubborn fat from hard to shift areas – Thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, stomach?
  • Be amazed as the kilos drop off daily before your eyes?
  • Burn the fat without feeling hungry?
  • Feel more motivated and energized than ever before?
  • Get rid of unsightly cellulite?
  • Get rid of bloating from gluten?
  • Reset your Hypothalamus Gland for life?

By doing the Graeme Jordan Natural Weight Loss Solution program you will receive our full support system 24/7 and we guarantee you will not only lose weight if you follow our program correctly but you will feel fantastic and get all the health benefits that go along with our exclusive program!


“Helping people lead a healthy life again!”

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